IFP mission is to represent and to defend the interests of the inorganic feed phosphate producers of the European Union in a coordinated approach, to promote the use, the quality, the bioavailability of inorganic feed phosphates and to follow up trade, scientific research, legislation, technical and environmental issues.

Main activities

  • Collect and monitor official statistical figures on the inorganic feed phosphates market following the CEFIC statistical rules
  • Promote the IFP Quality logo and assess the quality of the members’ products by regular controls
  • Ensure that the Quality logo is correctly registered in different countries
  • Notify OLAF and custom authorities when improper import and nomenclature are used
  • Perform scientific studies to demonstrate the effects of inorganic feed phosphates vs. alternative products.
  • Publish articles on inorganic feed phosphates.
  • Investigate the concept of highly digestible phosphates.
  • Analyse the effect of legislation on the industry, especially in the field of food and feed safety.

Main partnerships

  • IFP works in coordination with CEFIC Food & Feed Cluster, FEFANA (EU Association of Specialty Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures), FEFAC (European Feed Manufacturers Federation), EMFEMA (International Association of the European Manufacturers of Major, Trace and Specific Feed Mineral Materials) and IFIF (International Feed Industry Federation) on common objectives like Codes of Good Practice and to defend the position of the feed industry
  • IFP investigates the way to develop standards for chemical analytical methods for inorganic feed phosphates with the CEN (The European Committee for Standardization)


  • Chairman: Caroline Biard (Phosphea)
  • Sector Group Manager: Carmen McConochie Sanchez (cms(a)cefic.be)
  • The IFP structure comprises of General Assembly, a Technical and Regulatory task force, and an IED - BREF task force


The Inorganic Feed Phosphates Sector Group brings together feed phosphate producers in Europe. (see Members).